Every year millions of people make a new year resolution, but how many people actually keep it up for the whole year? Two years ago I stated finally achieving my resolutions. 2 years ago, I…uhm…actually can’t remember what I vowed to do, but I remember doing it… Okay maybe that doesn’t count. But last year my resolution was to keep track of my expenses & my incomes. And I did it! Yay!

This year, I’ve decided to do something different. I initially had decided to do a Photo-a-Day for the whole year, (which so far I’m doing) but it has been contained within an iPhone/iPad app of mine. So I think I will make some sort of post here, everyday. Maybe its a shot post (like this one) maybe it’s a rant, or maybe its a photo. All I know is that I’m going to try and post once a day.

So what’s your 2013 New Year’s resolution?