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I’ve been researching Hydro & Aeroponics since 2007, I created some designs between 2008 & 2010 to grow indoor fresh vegetables, such as lettuce, but never actually put the designs to the test. So now I’m making them public and maybe you can do something with them.

So for those of you who don’t know what Hydroponics is, In it’s basic form, it’s a way of growing plants by suspending the roots or “washing” the roots in a water-based nutrient-rich solution several times per day. Aeroponics on the other-hand is a way of growing plants by spraying a water-based nutrient-rich solution on a suspended plant several times per day. Do

In tomorrow’s post I’ll explain one of my Aeroponic designs. It’s a vertical design with the intention of putting it in an apartment, townhouse/duplex or small living quarters in which you do not have a yard. I initially designed it while I was going to College and living on-campus in a dorm. While it wasn’t explicitly stated that I couldn’t have such an item in my dorm suite, I’m pretty sure I would have gotten in trouble for it.(The only impression I really left at my college that I was aware of was that they had to make more rules to prevent people from doing some of the things I did… But that’s a story for another blog post…)