I get a bunch of spam calls, some of them have very little of no reference on the web. I try to use CallerCenter.com as they have been around for some time and are pretty easy to view and report numbers. So here is to creating my own list of scam phone numbers in case someone has the same experience:

Just from this past week, I’ll update as I have more of them come in.

331-205 8765 – VOIP call originating out of IL (via WhitePages.com) – Unanswered call – no Voicemail – Research shows RoboCall re: a drug lawsuit.

703-362-0534 – Free iPad SCAM – Unanswered Call to Google Voice number – Link to CallERCenter

407-679-0100 – Full Sail University – I’ve asked to be removed, but I still get calls from them – Link to CallERCenter

412-430-5524 – something about being affected by a drug. Scam. – Link to CallERCenter

Leave me a comment below if you want me to add a number.