Author: Matt Sawyers

Our House – Construction Update: 10/22/16

Images were initially uploaded the iPad, which heavily compressed the panorama images. But you can still get an idea of what it looks like for now.   360º View of the Backyard 360º View of Interior – Living/Kitchen Additional Photos: (click to view larger)...

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Our House – Construction Update: 10/07/16

Front of the house (image above): they were laying brick, so you can see it on the lower left of the house. These 360° photos may take a moment to load. They are about 5-8MB in size: View from the walkway between the Living Room & the Kitchen View from the Master Bedroom The left side of the house with brick done:...

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Carbonated Water Flavors

The SodaStream has been around for years and it’s one the more popular ways to make at-home carbonated beverages. And one of the most popular questions regarding it: is it cheaper than buying soda at the store? Well it can be if you get name brand soda. But personally, in the past Jenn & I had bought HEB soda which meant that it was cheaper to purchase the soda at the store. It may not be as convenient, but definitely cheaper. (of course I never factor the unit cost [the machine] into the cost per creation [soda]. I see...

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