For those of you who do not know what a “navbar” or navigation bar is, it’s the the bar at the very top of the screen on Apple computers. It’s sort of like having the Start-bar on a PC at the top instead of at the bottom of the screen. It displays some of the currently running apps in the background.

So what is in mine?

From left-to-right:

  1. Noteworthy
    [appstore id=”546528900″ store=”US” style=”smallbox”]

  2. Media Menu Pro
  3. CodeBox CodeBar
    [appstore id=”412536790″ style=”smallbox”]
  4. Google Drive
  5. Fantastical
    [appstore id=”435003921″ style=”smallbox”]
  6. Dropbox
  7. FreeMemory Pro
    [appstore id=”486967844″ style=”smallbox”]
  8. Clarify
  9. Farensius Desktop
    [appstore id=”521464274″ style=”smallbox”]
  10. Backblaze Backup
  11. Kopypasta
    [appstore id=”463243494″ style=”smallbox”]
  12. Hands Off! Network Monitor
  13. Syncopy
    [appstore id=”347882966″ style=”smallbox”]
  14. OpenDNS Updater
  15. Box
  16. Window Tidy
    [appstore id=”456609775″ style=”smallbox”]
  17. LogMeIn
    [appstore id=”479229407″ style=”smallbox”]

  18. Display Status Icon
  19. Messages
  20. Alfred (not shown, because I disabled it right before the screenshot…)
    [appstore id=”405843582″ style=”smallbox”]
  21. Audio Volume (Mac Default)
  22. Bluetooth (Mac Default)
  23. Wifi Status Icon (Mac Default)
  24. Battery Percentage (Mac Default)
  25. Date (Mac Default)
  26. Spotlight Search (Mac Default)
  27. Notifications (Mac Default)