I started out creating a list of custom URLs that can be utilized on the iPhone/iPad or any iOS device. After finding that Line2 had a custom URL, I thought that it would be neat if I could have Speed Dial Icons utilizing only the Line2 app rather than my cell phone service, especially for international calls.

You can access the script here. However, there is a current bug I’m dealing with – allowing a custom image for the home screen icon. For now you can only have a white image on the home page with custom text.

Notes & Credit:

I initially did a google search to see if anyone had accomplished this. I came across a blog posting about creating speed dial icons using your standard cell phone usage. In the comments I found someone (xfrosch/Jeff Carroll) that had achieved the same thing, except he created a script that was safer, (download here) I then altered the script by simply changing the “tel:/” to “line2:/” and renamed the file to “Line2_Speed_Dial_Script.html”

The “line2://” is the custom URL that will launch the Line2 app. I then created a small form (/Line2_Speed_Dial_Script.html) that allows an user to enter a phone number. Once this was done I was able to create a home screen icon that was able to use the Line2 app. It first launches the LIne2 app and auto dials the number, make sure you hit “END CALL” then switch back to safari & tap the “do-more-with-web-page” icon and tap on the add to home screen option. Name it what you with & viola! The problem is, having a bunch of white icons on your home screen just isn’t appealing. Using Jeff’s script & URL scheme, replacing the image file with your own works really well; however when I utilize the form, I still get the white icon :-(

If you can figure how to get the image to appear, that’d be super cool :-)