Received this in my e-mail & thought I’d pass the word along. Would love to do this, but I’ll be out of state :-/ :

Wanda the Wonderful


Extras casting call
Shoot dates Jan 6-11
All positions are non-paid

Film synopsis:
Wanda the Wonderful is a 1920′s era feature length “Docu-Western” about a passionate and volatile woman Wanda, who leaves her children behind to become a Wild West sharpshooter. Struggling to escape from the mistakes of her past she commits a final act of recklessness when she shoots her fourth and final husband.

Seeking non-speaking extras for the following scenes:
Vaudeville audience members – 1928 (Vaudeville performances were live acts presented in theaters before movies – so imagine theater audience)
– Seeking adult Caucasian men and women to be part of audience for vaudeville show.

– Preferred types include women with unbleached, bobbed hair, (or we can put a hat on you) men without beards, mustaches acceptable.

– shooting Thursday Jan 6, Waxahachie location

– Approx shoot time: 1-6pm

Circus audience members – 1923 – small town travelling circus in Pacific North Western coastal logging town
– Seeking adult men and women to be part of audience for small town travelling circus.

– Preferred types include women with natural, unbleached long hair, no bangs, men with or without facial hair.

– shooting Saturday Jan 7 and or 8, Dallas location

– Approx shoot time: 5-9pm

Cowboys for Wyoming brothel – 1929 – rustic bar/brothel frequented by cowboys, ranchers, sheep herders and the like.
– Seeking adult men for background extras in brothel scene.

– Preferred types include men with weather worn faces, no facial hair except for moustaches, no long hair. If you’ve got your own, worn cowboy hat, even better!

– Extras needed Monday and/or Tuesday, Jan 10,11, Dallas location

– Approx shoot time: all day (10am to 8pm). Lunch will be provided

Two Babies – newborn and 3 month old
– Newborn:

o approx 2 hour time on set

o Friday January 7, Dallas shoot location

– Three month old:

o Approx 2 hours on set

o Friday Jan 7 or Sun Jan 9, Dallas shoot location

Please submit the following information, in the body of the email (NOT as an attachment) and attach a recent headshot or photo of yourself, to the following email address:

Information sent to any other email address will not be considered.
1. Name

2. Email address

3. Phone number

4. Availability (per above dates and times)

5. Wardrobe sizes Men – height – weight – waist-inseam-jacket-shirt(sleeve/neck) shoe and hat Women – height -weight-dress-blouse-slacks-jeans-bust-waist-hips-shoe-hat

For more information about the film, please go to the website,

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Boxelder Productions, LLC