When I worked for the Geek Squad it was nearly a daily basis when I had to look up coverage areas for a particular person wanting a hotspot and bookmarked them.

Recently I’ve had several people ask me what provider they should go with, so I’ve created a list of links on how to access a particular providers map to see if they cover your area.

These maps use radio buttons (map options) to display the appropriate coverage. So make sure if you are looking into getting a hotspot to access internet on the go, select the data/broadband option. If is voice/text, make sure you select the voice/text/message option.

AT&T – City Select – You can select the major metropolitan area near you from this link, then it’ll take you to the cap centered on the area you selected. I find this the easiest way.

AT&T – Map – Eneter you adress or city to center the map on it.

Verizon Map

Sprint Map

Boost Mobile

Cricket Mobile


Virgin Mobile