For the past 7 or 8 years I’ve been purchasing domains through GoDaddy. During that time I’ve accumilated more than 60 domains for myself & my clients.

So the average price I pay to renew these domains for 1 year is $15

So $15 x 60 = $900

$900/year on Domain registrations. Now if the domain is a .US, then they are usually $20/year.

In the past years I’ve used GoDaddy promo codes to help lower the bleeding cost of domain registrations. I could usually get a .COM domain to renew for $8.50/year. Not too bad. But even if I could get them for $8.50 each (assuming all the domains I have are .COMs) that is still ($8.50 x 60) $510/year.

As of 2014, it seems GoDaddy has done away with a majority of their GoDaddy promo codes… At least… the really nice ones that could get domains to drop a third or half off the full price of the domain renewal.

This leads me to my next question… Is the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club (DDC) worth it?

In short, the answer is Yes, it is, but read on to see the scenerios I’ve created, as sometimes it may not be worth it.

As of the June 30th 2014, I’ve renewed .COM addresses at an average of $11.50/domain per year, .US domains at $17.99/year, .ORG domains for $14.57/year & a .IN domain for $11.89/year

Assuming I purchase the DDC for $7.50/month – that’s $90/year

The curent renewal price for .COM using the DDC is $8.47

I’ve spent aproximately $173 on .COM renewals so far this year. Had I purchased the DDC at the beginning of the year, I’d have only paid aproximately $127 for the domains. Of course now we must factor in the cost of the DDC, which for 6 months is $45, add this to the dicounted domains: $172. So that means I would have saved about a $1. Maybe not worth it.

Initial cost without DDC – $173

Domain cost with DDC – $127
Cost of DDC for 6 months: $45
$45 + $127 = $172
Savings: $1

Now lets go a bit further. I also had a .ORG, a .IN, and a .US renewal. Those combined without the DDC is $44.45. Now using the DDC, domain renewals are as follows:

.ORG domains renewals are $8.99 (that’s about half off retail)
.US omain renewals are $7.29 (that’s like $10 off, more than half off!)
.IN domain renewals are $13.99 (eh, that’s average retail)

This now drops to a total of $30.27. Add that back into our orginal .COM total ($173) which is now $217.45 without the DDC.
Now if I had used the DDC, the total would have been $147.27, plus the $45 for the DDC ((7.5 x 6)+147.27) is $192.27. So a savings of about $25 would have occured. Not bad.

So the question remains. Is it worth it? Well if you have over 15 domains (.COMs) to renew, then yes, its worth it. Especially if you see time as money, since you have to spend time seaching for the damn GoDaddy promo codes. If you have .US or .NET or .ME domains, then the savings are even higher.

To even get a higher margin of savings, you could purchase their 24 month package for the DDC for $162 (which is $6.75/month) then use my personal affiliate GoDaddy promo code ‘WOWSawyers’ to get 35% off, which puts you at $105.30 for 24 months (or $4.39/month), then you are really cooking.

So now lets take that & factor it in:

Using the pro-rated, discounted DDC purchase of $4.39/month for 6 months, is $26.34.
So $147.27 + $26.34 = $173.61
Which means I’d have saved about $44! That’s even better!

So is it better? Yes! But make sure you purchase the initial rate of 24 months, use the ‘WOWSawyers’ GoDaddy promo code to get 35% off, then renew your 16 or more domains.

If you have 15 domains and you purchase the DDC as stated above, then $173 (for 15 .COM renewals) + $26.34 (for the DDC) is $153.39, that’s still a savings of about $20

10 domains – $115 without DDC
10 domains – $111 with DDC ($4 savings)

9 domains – $103.50 without DDC
9 domains – $102.57 with DDC ($0.93 savings)