So I’ve recently been using Tumblr to post my daily posts (as talked about for my new year’s resolution). But I’m having issues controlling certain aspects of the UI. Like inserting images or HTML code or setting a link to open as _self, is far harder than it should be. Part of me wonders why I didn’t just stick with a WordPress installation, then only to realize that the reason I moved away from WordPress was:

  • I didn’t have to worry about updating the UI
  • Tumblr is far easier to publish a simple photo, audio or video file
  • I Don’t have to worry about maintaining a theme
  • iOS apps easily complement Tumblr (WordPress has some, but some themes have custom fields, so it makes it harder for them to work appropriately.)

But now that I think about it, having a “simple” wordpress blog on my domain would be nice (exe.: instead of I mean… I’d still keep this here, maybe even reblog my posts from WP to here. Not sure though. Guess I need to investiga