NYC Letter of Gun Surrender

It seems the anyone living in the City of NYC will have to turn over their gun(s) if “it holds more than 5 rounds”. The NYCPD is sending letters to REGISTERED gun owners telling them they must surrender their guns, store them outside the city limits or sell them. If they do this, they must report to which address the guns went to. Another option is to have a registered gunsmith make a permanent modification preventing the gun from holding more than 5 rounds. This is all part of New York’s new “Safe Act” and I believe it is actually passed for all of New York, but NYC is the only city actually enforcing it at this time.

2nd Amendment: “right of the people to keep and bear arms… Sorta…

I think this is total Bullshit.

It’s gun owners that have to jump through hoops to get licenses, background checks, etc. For people that commit crimes, this Bullshit act isn’t going to make any difference. They are still going to get guns via black market or by stealing them from elsewhere or simply by housing them outside the city limits and then bringing them into the limits (psh, hell, their guns probably aren’t even registered…)

The way I see it, it’s hypocrisy bullshit.

While I don’t think this legislation will ever get passed in Texas (but I’m not confident either), it’s still frightening to see this happening in another state.