Not sure what prompted the security guard that rides around HEB at night (at least that’s the only time I have seen her).

But I’m glad they did. I havent had any issues, but I must admit, if I was an employee and had to walk to the far side of the store to get to my car I’d be very paranoid. As I drove by at night I’d see girls getting into their car and thought how dangerous that that is. I mean, I’d think they would have another person getting off at the same time and could walk¬†together.¬†Two people is better than being alone. I also realize this isn’t realistic as people don’t always get off of work at the same time.

Namely I commend the local store for having a nightly (maybe daytime too?) person to patrol the parking lot, escort employees to their car and even check up on an elderly lady putting groceries in her car.


Photo credit: Taken by Matt R. via foursquare