My first framework was Gumby v2.5…The Gumby framework is a 12-column grid framework that I was able to pick up pretty quick. It has a great customizer to help get anyone started off the ground pretty quickly. The one thing that drove me batty was, there’s no documentation about putting in a line or divider.

[usrlist “Ease of Use:3.5” “Documentation:3.5” “Number of built-in UI Elements:2.75” “Percentage Project Completed in Timeframe:5” “Overall Likelihood I’ll use again:3.75”]


Here’s what I created with it. Very basic. The alien image that’s in it came with the package, so I’m not really sure what it’s from…



Gumby A Flexible Responsive CSS Framework Real Estate Template 01ms

Preview here.

Here is the ZIP file to download the boilerplate & files.

Gumby2.5 Files & Boilerplate v101