I’ve always been frustrated with how little of a selection of templates there are for Real Estate Single-Listing websites. Literally one-page templates. In the past I’ve used jQuery mobile with split-view to create a website for a single listing website. Well yesterday, my frustration once again hit and I thought, “screw it, I’ll just learn *all* the frameworks and make my own boilerplate repository.” WTF was I thinking. Sometimes I really wonder about myself. So I’m giving myself 6 hours to “learn” a framework & create a simple template for a single real estate listing website. I guess the real reason I’m doing this is to stay on-top o what is coming out these days and to expand my knowledge of HTML5 frameworks & CSS. Maybe I’ll learn something (like maybe not doing these damn challenges…) The final templates will likely be Single-Listing Real Estate templates, but may on occasion include other themes.

My Requirements:

  • Framework must be HTML5 ready
  • Template/Boilerplate created must be responsive
  • Templates would be created using built in CSS & UI elements. (no extra graphics, other than actual images)
  • I’ve got 6 hours to figure this shit out.
  • Templates/Boilerplates will be released to the public under CC Attribution license.

Frameworks to go through (so far…)

  1. Gumby 2.5 Done – Click here to see.
  2. Pure
  3. UIKit
  4. Fitgrd
  5. Markup
  6. Microjs: Tiny JS Framework
  7. Less Frameless
  8. Formee No longer available?
  9. 960 GS
  10. YAML
  11. Golden Grid System
  12. Twitter Bootstrap
  13. Baseline
  14. 52 Framework
  15. Zoey
  16. Maxmertkit
  17. Fries
  18. Metro UI CSS
  19. Lime JS
  20. Blueprint
  21. Foundation – Zurb
  22. Cascade Framework
  23. Lemon JS
  24. Skeleton
  25. HTML Kickstart
  26. jQuery Mobile
  27. Montage HTML5
  28. SproutCore
  29. Zebra
  30. CreateJS
  31. HTML5 Boilerplate (not really a framework…)
  32. Ivory Framework
  33. GroundworkCSS
  34. Gridless
  35. Jo
  36. Junior
  37. Cartagen
  38. Joshfire framework (probably won’t do this one)
  39. Responsive Aeon
  40. skelJS
  41. Cardinal
  42. Furatto
  43. Revel
  44. Gridism

Are there any other frameworks you’d recommend I add to my list?