In case you didn’t know I’am a big fan of Apple products, especially the iPhone & iPad. I use my iPad or iPhone quite a bit throughout the day and several times I have come across the empty search results when searching for a particular application in the AppStore. So I’ve begun creating a list of applications I’d like to see in the app store and any accompanying ideas for it. I’d try making them, but my Mac is a PPC and I cannot download the dev package nor do I have the brains to do a lot of the coding :(

  • Database creation/manager for the iPad – be capable of creating custom forms, linking databases. While there is 1 app in the app store, I’d honestly like to see some competition. I’d also like to see an accompanying sync software that would AT LEAST give the ability to backup & view (editing isn’t necessary)
  • A port of the PalmOS application – Due Yesterday
  • Script/Screenplay app – must have support for .celtx files and allow either “tabbing” or add a “tab” button in interface. Scripts Pro has been created with some awesome features.
  • An asset/liability finance application that has the ability to add your geolocation to the entry. Why? I need something that’s quick – app would auto-magically enter the date & time of the entry, all I’d have to do is type in the total amount and tap on the “find my location” icon if I wanted to. This would allow me to come back later when I wasn’t as rushed and add more information – business name, category, etc. The geolocation would be a help, because sometimes you forget where you spent that money & it’d help you remember where you spent what.
  • To be continued…