The first thing to get dehydrated in the new dehydrator? Mango-Banana & Blueberry Banana Fruit Leather. One of the advantages of getting the  dehydrator I did, is that it has an adjustable temperature and a 26-hour timer allowing me better control of what I dehydrate. So I felt that fruit leather would be a good test to start off with.

I used an eBook called “Recipes for Adventure“. It’s about creating dehydrated meals for on-the-go, hiking and camping people. I highly recommend it for people that have a dehydrator.


I made double batches of each and used 8 of the 9 trays in the dehydrator.




After 6 hours, I transferred them from the non-stick sheets (which didn’t really work out as I had hoped :( ) to the screens, then continued on for another 4 hours. The result was a little brittle, but still okay for a first attempt. Below is a photo of the Blueberry-Banana Leather torn into servings.



I then wrapped them with plastic wrap and stored them in plastic baggies. I have a feeling that these are barely going to last the week :)




By the way that crap called GLAD ClingWrap, doesn’t cling worth a shit. The “cheap” stuff or the generic brand from SAM’s worked a whole lot better.





In the photo below the top roll used the generic version on plastic wrap and and the bottom one used the GLAD crap.



In conclusion: I will likely try drying fruit leather in a shorter amount of time or not spreading the mixture so thin on the sheets. And GLAD ClingWrap sux.