When the iPad came out I immediately found myself doodling in some Notebook app to make notes, diagrams, etc.


It was a great little app that synced with Dropbox (until Evernote bought them out, then everything went to hell). After that I hopped around from app to app until paper53 came out. I used that for quite some time (and still do) but I found it difficult for me to do the simple things… Like turning a page or expanding on diagrams. Not to say there’s something wrong with it, just gets annoying after awhile.

About a year & half ago I began drawing on cardstock. Don’t know what it is, but I love to write on cardstock, especially with a superfine sharpie marker.

A few months ago (after losing half a dozen of my single page notes) I thought I’d try binding them into a spiral notebook. So I took 32 pages down to Office Depot and they coil bound the sheets together for about $3.50 . I had also planned to take apart the notebook and file the individual pages into clients/projects. However, this didn’t really happen…


After filling it up over the past 2-3 months, I encounter a few issues.:
1. Page Numbers
2. Why the hell is this so disorganized
3. “Where did I make that note…”

The reasons these were issues for me, was because I’d write in the top-left or right corner what that page covered. I tried to keep a single topic/project per page. But it was still annoying. And I’d also sometime put a client on one page, then in the backside, but another one, thusly screwing up my plan to file the page at a later date.


So I thought about maybe scanning each page after I was ready to toss the notebook, this way I could refer to a digital index later. A lot of work, yes, I know.

So this round I made some changes. Of course it wasn’t as easy as simply giving them 30 blank pages of cardstock… No no no, I have to make everything complicated… But at the same time, once it’s done, I have a template I can use for the future.

These were the changes I made:
1. I added 2 monthly calendar sets at the end of the notebook. A business calendar & a personal calendar. This way I could quickly make project notes and plan deadlines. Before adding the dates into my digital calendar.
2. I added a back “cover” page. Namely to protect the calendar from getting crap on it
3. Page numbers. Since there are 30 pages, that’s 60 writable pages.
4. Added a “Notebook Content” page. This has numbers 1 through 60 on it so that I can write there briefly what that page is about.


I plan on later releasing a generic template for others to use, but in the meantime, what do you use to keep track of your daily notes? Do you do everything digital? Analog (on paper)? Or maybe a hybrid of both? Evernote? What do you recommend?