I walked up to the counter at Starbucks today to order a drink, when the lady turned to me and read my mind knowing what I was going to order. I just smiled and said “yep” and promptly thought to myself ‘I go here way too much’ :)

People have asked me why I go to Starbucks – it’s not because of the coffee, I mean, they have good drinks, not the best, but none the less, still good. I go because of the experience – I go because I can sit down with my computer and get some work done (or write a blog post). If I’m going for the coffee, then I usually go to other locations, if they are open. A lot, erm… the other 2 coffee shop close relatively early, Starbucks stays open till 10 or 11pm. Until Victoria, TX gets a late night coffee shop, I’m sticking to Starbucks.