When I got home today, I noticed that I had a few seeds that had already started sprouting.

Out of all the seeds I started in the Garden, the mammoth Sunflower seeds seem to be the ones in the lead (I know I’m going to regret this). In the seed starter, the basil also seems to be “micro” sprouting (along with the sunflower seeds too…) One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post about planting the garden was… I used all Organic seeds. for some reason, I’ve never have an issue with Ferry Morse’s Organic seeds. They always seem to sprout… Others? Not so much. Of couse, while this seeds are Organic, I don’t no if they are non-GMO seeds… Guess I should check into that. But I’m super excited, just four days after planting the seeds, I’m already seeing results in my garden! Click on the images below to see a bigger images.