Got your attention didn’t I?

This post is about a poster I found about Twilight Breaking Dawn – Part 2

WTF? List

  1. This sign was in the Men’s Bathroom above the urinal.
  2. The store is HEB (a local grocery store)
  3. Midnight release at a grocery store
  4. If you pre-ordered a copy you also get the following free items:
    1. Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn 3ct – Not just one bag, but 2 more refills!!
    2. Trident or Strident Gum (single) – Just in case you actually make it through the first half of this movie and you decide to “go for it”. Dude, this sad.
    3. Pepsi Next 4pk 12oz – Eh, okay…
    4. Welches Fruit Snacks (bags) – for the kids? Psh, hell no. You can eat these during the movie and concentrate on how good these damn little things taste and wonder if you are gonna get anywhere with the person next to you.

Hopefully this Saga is done with. I’m tired of hearing about it (and ironically writing about it)

Thanks to Veerojr for cating catching the spelling mistake I made…