Ever since I proposed, I have been in the process of creating the website for our wedding. Finally it’s ready for prime time.

Since our Wedding is a destination wedding, we found ourselves in a difficult situation for a lot of things – like who should we invite? What if we *know* people cannot come, should we still invite them? Should we do a wedding registry? Are we going to have a reception? Are we going to have cake? Are we going to the Disney parks? Where should we stay? Should we spend $500/night on a hotel room? And many more questions.

The website provides details to our invitees and helps them make the appropriate plans while also having the capability to receive RSVPs to the wedding and other events.

This post is likely the first in a series of posts that I will be talking about the website. In a sense, the wedding website has information about our wedding planning and events at the wedding, while these posts here are more technical. Like how we decided what to do regarding the above questions. Or how we navigated the expensive Wedding Waters.